Understanding Which Events Are Classed As Personal Injury

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When filing a personal injury lawsuit it is important to first understand what personal injury is. Unfortunately, not many individuals are aware of this category and would consider laying a charge without having the details of the situation. To ensure you are not contacting a personal injury attorney without due cause it is essential that you are able to determine when injury has been experienced. This article will provide information regarding this matter.

What Is A Personal Injury?

To identify the personal injury event, it is important to be able to define personal injury. This type of injury is an injury that can cause illness or worsening of a present medical condition. In a broad perspective, there are two basic types of personal injuries and these include a physical injury or a psychological injury. The physical injury involves presentation of a visible injury, such as a broken bone. A psychological injury involves the presentation of increased anxiety as a result of different triggers.

What Events Can Cause Personal Injuries?

1. Physical Injury

The most common event whereby physical personal injuries are incurred is the traffic accident. In the case of a traffic accident, it is possible that you may require medical assistance for injuries and this can be considered a personal injury. It is important to review police records, however, as the claim may be denied if the accident was your fault.

Physical personal injury can also be the result of accidents at a work place or use of faulty appliances. If experiencing a work place accident, it is necessary for the employer to record the incident in a record log. If the accident results in a need for medical assistance or it leads to a loss of income, this can be claimed as a personal injury. If you are unsure if your case can go to trial then ask your local¬†New Jersey injury lawyer. If you aren’t in New Jersey then consult whichever lawyer in your city that you can.¬†

2. Psychological Injury

Psychological injury may be experienced as a result of harassment in the work place by peers or authority figures. The harassment can lead to increased stress and anxiety negatively influencing your mental state. Mental health conditions may progress from increased anxiety and there is a chance that one will become absent from work leading to loss of income.

Psychological injury does not have to occur in a work place or be claimed by the victim themselves; in fact, it may be possible for a victim’s family member to claim for personal injury. This is particularly true in the situation where an individual suffers from severe disabilities that affect their everyday functioning.

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