STD testing is a Smart Thing To Do

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STDs or sexually transmitted diseases are diseases that are passed from one person to another. STD testing is a medical procedure that is readily available and is often available at no charge to the patient. The reason STD testing is so commonly available is that sexually transmitted diseases will affect at least half of all American people at some point in their lives. Millions of new cases of STDs pop up every year.

STDs are very common, but even though we may have one, they often don’t cause any symptoms. Therefore, a person may not know he or she has been infected. From a medical standpoint, an infection is only called a disease if there are symptoms. Therefore, sexual transmitted infections or STI is the proper term until symptoms are present, turning it into an STD.

Although condom use can protect against many STDs, STD testing is still recommended to be sure that you are not infected. The good news about STDs is that most are curable, and all are treatable. Even the human immunodeficiency virus, in today’s times, can be managed to prevent the virus turning into acquired immunodeficiency syndrome or AIDS.

If you want to be tested for an STD, you must request a test from a qualified source. There are many places to receive an STD test whether you get it done in a hospital, at a clinic, at a health fair, or at some other location. The best way to find a place for STD testing is to do an Internet search for a place to be tested in your area. Just type “STD testing” in the search bar and then review the results of the search. For example if you go to Syracuse you could search “STD testing in Syracuse“, which would make it easy to find the specialist. As far as your personal doctor, he or she may be equipped for STD testing, but in many cases, you will need to visit a place that is intended for STD testing to get the results you need.

It is important to be truthful with your healthcare provider regarding STDs and getting tested. By being as truthful as possible, your healthcare provider can assist you and get you the information you need for proper STD testing and health. Keep in mind that when you visit a place for STD testing, your name, and personal details remain confidential.

What are some reasons to request an STD test?

1. If you have had unprotected sex you should get an STD test even if you don’t show symptoms.

2. If you have had many sexual partners.

3. If you are experiencing health problems, such as genital warts or a genital rash.

4. If you routinely do not use barriers during sex such as condoms, female condoms, dental dams or other barriers, especially if you are not monogamous.

Getting tested for an STD helps to protect you and your partner, and it contributes to keeping you informed and keeping you healthy. A sample of your urine or your blood may be taken, for examples. Or, a swab of an infected area may be taken. It’s recommended that if you go in for testing that you test for HIV. Women should also be tested for gonorrhea and chlamydia. You should get screened every six months or more if you are in riskier sexual situations such as having more than one sexual partner, or being in an open relationship. Women should keep in in mind that visiting the doctor for a pap smear does not automatically mean that you are tested for an STD. You must receive a separate STD test to be tested for an STD.

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